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Meet Tony

After a motorcycle accident, his trauma is unnoticeable.

My name is Tony; I'm from Modesto, CA. Sunday, May 3, me and my wife decided we'd go out on a motorcycle ride. We kind of slid off the road, tumbled through four strands of barbed wire, four posts, and got chopped up a little bit. Went to the hospital where Dr. Barber did his amazing work — cleaned it all up. It basically took my ear and cut it completely in half down the center, sideways. Ripped the face up in about four or five places. Dr. Barber did an amazing job at fixing it and making it look as close to normal as possible, and in most cases, dead-on normal. Basically, he took a horrible situation where I could have been terribly scarred for life, and he made it just amazingly unnoticeable. I would definitely recommend Dr. Barber to anyone with any type of facial, head, or trauma-type injury. I wished he'd have worked on my wife.

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