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Meet Sandra

Her daughter needed an emergency extraction, and the staff was helpful.

Hi, my name is Sandra, and I'm from Manteca, CA.

Hi, my name's Victoria.

In March, my daughter had to have an emergency extraction, and her pediatric dentist recommended Dr. Barber. She had an infected tooth that was already scheduled to be pulled, but it got infected, and so she woke up swollen that morning. Her face was all puffed up, and so we immediately went to our dentist, and they recommended us to come here. I was very nervous because it would be the first time she would be under anesthesia, but they made me feel really comfortable. They told me all of the information about it, and knowing that it was a very short process made me feel a lot better.

Dr. Barber was really nice to me.

He was very kind to my daughter; all of the nurses were. She had a very good experience. I could tell right away when I went to get her after the procedure. Absolutely, I would recommend Dr. Barber for adults, children, everybody.

He's the best.

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