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Meet Diane

She was comforted during her procedures.

Hi, I'm Diane; I'm from San Jose, CA. I came to see Dr. Barber because I had gotten some bad news from my dentist. Unfortunately, it was some periodontal disease; I found out I had to lose a tooth, and that was very devastating. So I needed to see him for the extraction of my tooth and to see what the plan was next. They were so friendly and welcoming and very warm. The front office staff and the girls just treated me like royalty. I couldn't believe how nice they were; it was fabulous. Then Dr. Barber himself was so comforting; he explained everything he was going to do, and we went from there and everything went great. First he extracted the tooth, then he also did a dental implant for me and some bone grafting along with that. It's perfect. I actually just got the crown, and I couldn't be happier. If any of my friends in Sonora, Turlock, or Manteca need this type of procedure, I definitely recommend Dr. Barber.

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