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Meet Cheryl

She had no problems during her procedures.

My name is Cheryl, and I live in Modesto, CA. I came to see Dr. Cadra first because I needed a tooth pulled. I had lost some bone, and so he pulled the tooth and gave me a bone graft. He was very good, and it didn't hurt me at all; it was fast, and it was fine. I had a bridge that, for years, we had been kind of babying it along, and I finally had to have a tooth removed from there. And after talking with Dr. Barber, we decided that I would go ahead and get full implants on the bottom. I didn't have any problem at all. I had pain pills which I just needed for a couple days, and that was it. The staff here is very sweet, very helpful and friendly, and they all become like friends. I absolutely recommend Dr. Barber and Dr. Cadra.

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