3D Cone Beam CT Scanning

The Advantages of 3D Scanning

The 3D Cone Beam CT scan is a state-of-the-art digital imaging method that provides the oral surgeon an extremely accurate image of your teeth, jaws, and face. Unlike the more conventional X-ray techniques, the 3D CT delivers detailed images that are three-dimensional. These images allow us to visualize critical anatomical structures and to better understand your condition so we can proceed with proper treatment. We can make the most accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations through the use of this imaging system.

3D CT scanning may be needed to determine a variety of oral conditions. It is a crucial tool when we are locating impacted teeth and determining their position or locating important nerves in the jaw; it also helps us better evaluate cases of facial trauma or identify and characterize several different types of tumors.

Patient safety and comfort are our number one priority. Using a 3D CT scan allows us to offer our patients the best treatment and surgical services based on the most accurate data. Our surgical team is able to obtain important information for treatment without exposure to higher levels of radiation. This advanced imaging allows us to make the most precise diagnosis possible, which helps us to eliminate potential surprises during your treatment. 3D CT scans also prevent any unnecessary procedures and better prepare our staff for the upcoming procedure. As a result, the 3D CT as an imaging tool generally provides all of the patients with a shorter operating time and fewer post-surgical complications. At Greater Modesto Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Center, we strive to provide every patient with the very best care and technology possible to ensure optimal results and recovery after the procedure.

Guided Surgery

It is critical that dental implants are placed as accurately and precisely as possible in order to provide the best cosmetic result and to avoid important anatomic structures like nerves or the sinus. 3D CT technology allows our team to use the scans taken in our office to create accurate molds of your teeth. Using these molds, our team can create a surgical guide that rests comfortably on your teeth during the procedure. This surgical guide allows Dr. Barber and Dr. Springer to place the implants in the precise location which provides the best functional and aesthetic result.

The use of a surgical guide for procedures such as dental implants offers multiple benefits to the patient. It allows the surgeon to use fewer incisions in the mouth, which often reduces the surgery time and decreases post-operative discomfort. The 3D Cone Beam CT scan provides us with a detailed roadmap to develop a specific treatment plan for your surgical procedure. It not only plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of various oral conditions, it helps us to identify vital anatomic structures such as nerves and blood vessels. By utilizing the newest technologies such as 3D CT scanning, our team can ensure that you receive efficient and accurate treatment in our office.